10 Tips For Creating A Wow Gallery Wall

Sure, a lovely, symmetrical wall of same-frame photos is a nice look, but if you want to create a gallery wall that’s always interesting, consider these tips.

Create a focal point

Find a large-scale photo or print to take center stage on your gallery wall. Let its palette determine the hues and accent colors featured on the rest of the wall.

Ditch the frame!

Who needs a frame? Put Wasabi tape in different colors and textures directly on the wall to frame the kid’s artwork. You may want to consider adding pop to a plain plastic frame with Wasabi tape, too.

Mix frame colors, materials, and textures

Combine an ornate decorative frame with patterned wood or sleek metal.

Frame anything!

Your gallery wall doesn’t have to be limited to photos. Consider adding images from magazines, vintage advertisements, botanical prints, and other illustrations that catch your eye.

Kick up your postcards

“The scenery is beautiful. Wish you were here.” A postcard from a memorable trip makes a great addition to a gallery wall. Frame several in a matte with several openings, or frame it in an unusual shape or size.

Go 3-D

Add mirrors, clocks, plates, metal or wood letters, or a pretty paper wreath to your wall to add texture. Pick a single piece or scatter smaller pieces throughout your wall.

Wallpaper as art

Do you have a favorite wallpaper pattern? It could be from a childhood room or one you love, but it is out of reach or too overwhelming for your home. Take a page from the sample book or order a sample and frame it!

Colorful mattes add pow!

Add a colorful matte to a basic black and white image. Take it a step further with an engaging, textured frame that ties it all together.

Add seasonal art

Do you enjoy decorating for the holidays or changing seasons? Change up an image on your gallery wall, too. Keep your gallery wall looking fresh by swapping in a new piece each season: An autumn leaf collage, seasonal sayings, or holiday cards.

Don’t set it and forget it

And remember: Just because you’ve created a gallery wall that you’re in love with, that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

Constantly changing and rearranging will have friends and family making a beeline to your wall to discover what’s new.